Julian Assange Arrested in London

This really hurts. People like Mark Zuckerberg are free and still trading and violating people privacy and data and people like Assange would be arrested because of sharing information people should know about.

Big companies like Facebook and Google are deciding what to do with people information and even governments won’t do anything. I don’t support Wikileaks. Wikileaks is not what it seems to be but nobody should be arrested to get hurt because of sharing information with people. Free flow of information shouldn’t be stopped for any reason or by anyone.

Small companies and collectives like Riseup or Lavabit are trying to make people more safe and secure around the world but with no support of people and governments, they would get smaller and weaker.


Hello World

I really don’t know how many weblogs I have created since the beginning of the weblogs. I obviously am not the inventor of blogging but I can assure you I know how this thing works. I was dealing with weblogs since it was first came out and I’ve created many weblogs since them. This is another “hello world” of mine on the internet. In my last weblog, I hoped that “hello world” would be the last; it was indeed not. Hope this one can be the last.